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Start Your Career and Build Your Skillset Through Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Program at Technorio

Apprenticeship is all about learning new skills, applying these to real-life projects, and getting real-time feedback. At Technorio, we look for apprentices that have a passion for learning, and the determination to succeed.

Ready to change your life and transform your career?
Come join our 6-weeks program where you can learn all the cutting-edge technical and soft skills, needed for gainful employment in the tech industry, with ongoing training and mentoring with senior-level software developers.

Apprenticeship Details

What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, mentoring, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential.

Why Become an Apprentice at Technorio?

When you join Technorio as an apprentice, you just don’t get training! We also have your long-term professional career in mind. We’ll help you grow through an intensive work-based development program, with comprehensive learning environment, focused hands-on training, and mentorship. At the end of the program, you may also be offered with a full-time job at Technorio.

How to apply for Apprenticeship?

Applying for an apprenticeship is like applying for a job so you will have to go through an application process.  If you are interested in seeking an apprenticeship, you need to fill the Apprenticeship form and submit. Your application will play key role in shortlisting you for second round of selection. Thus we recommend you submit the application carefully.

Note: You are recommended to attach your Resume that is generated / downloaded from LinkedIn.

What are requirements?

We are looking for recent graduates who has completed their Bachelors (in any stream) (or those awaiting their results) or freshers with a strong passion, self motivated, self-learning and expressive. Also, we are looking for those who are familiar with programming and is a fast learner at the same time, who can bear and work under pressure, and work over-night (yes we mean it. You may be asked to work and complete them overnight but believe us, it’s fun). Similarly, we do require you to have knowledge on related fields and we don’t spoon feed you. Also, fluency in English is important.

What is duration and time?

Our apprenticeship program is generally 6 weeks long. Having said that, you need to work for at-least 288 hours in total. This means you need to work 48 hours per week in average for 42 days (Six Weeks). However, your working hours and apprenticeship duration can depend upon many other factors.

Is it paid or un-paid?

Apprenticeship literally means the opportunity to “earn while you learn”. Having said this, you will be provided stipend once you successfully complete your apprenticeship program and sign the employment agreement after your apprenticeship is completed. We assure that you’ll be rightly compensated and provided with the industry standard Salary. In the event that we decide to extend your apprenticeship time (from the date your apprenticeship is completed successfully as per the contract), we may pay you stipends for the extended dates as well.

In the event you did not receive employment offer from us, but have completed apprenticeship successfully, you’ll still be provided with the said stipend.

Is employment after apprenticeship guaranteed?

While our primary motive is to select best candidates from Apprenticeship and offer for a full-time employment at Technorio, we cannot and do not guarantee your job at all. Successful completion of apprenticeship won’t lead to a guaranteed full time job. However, our first motive is to make you ready for job opportunities.

What technology stack will this apprenticeship be on?

During your apprenticeship period, you may be working in different industry standard and popular technology stack. However, our primary focus will be in Laravel (one of PHP Framework). You’ll also learn to use other different collaboration tools and platforms (like the Taiga, Slack, GitHub etc.).

What is the selection process?

All the applications are screened thoroughly on the basis of resume and details submitted and are then shortlisted for the interview round. The interview includes written exam, followed by verbal interactions to test the skills and knowledge of the applicants. After evaluation, the final list of selected candidates will be published.

How do we contact / what after submitting application?

Since the program has very limited number of seats, we have rounds of selection process. As you send the application, we review them and shortlisted candidates are contacted via e-mail. Due to the volume of application, we may not be able to reply all those who are not shortlisted. However, all shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 7 working days from the date application is received.

Please note that our communication will be all via e-mail. Thus if you have applied, please keep checking your e-mail for updates.

What can I expect in Written Exam?

Written exams are all subjective where you’ll be provided sets of questions that you need to solve in given time. During this exam, we’ll evaluate your programming knowledge including knowledge of reusable coding. For instance, you can refer to sites like LeetCode to practice for exams.

Apply for Apprenticeship

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