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Job Vacancy

Kathmandu, Nepal
Software Engineer

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Job Description and Requirements:
  • Minimum of 2 Years experience using Laravel PHP Framework 6+ (mandatory)
  • Experience using HTML, JavaScript and CSS/SASS (preferred)
  • Experience using Relational databases (MySQL preferred)
  • Experience using Code versioning (GIT preferred)
  • Experience with high traffic websites (preferred)
  • Experience using Cloud platforms and facilities (AWS, Azure and/or Alibaba Cloud)
  • Advanced knowledge of Restful concepts and APIs
  • Comfortable with the ideas of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
  • Team player; who is not only self-motivated but can also lead and motivate team under him/her
  • Able to lead the project and do all the necessities (technical) to deliver the project in timely order
  • Ready to take new challenges while adhering and working in a startup culture
  • Willing to and Ready to manage other team members and also mentor our junior developers and interns
  • Experience and can provide training to freshers and junior developers will be a plus point

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