Founders are not regular people

Founders are different fish.

For regular people work is an allotment of a day — a thing — a means to an end. We are not so well behaved.

We are guilty of letting friends fade and drift with a ‘sorry I’ve got to do a thing’. Most of the time it’s because we’ve made secret promises to ourselves that need keeping.

We need to keep those secret promises because when we break them skies will fall and the rains sweep up things we love. For our families words like ‘sorry’ and ‘again’ lose lustre.

I hope everyone can forgive us our mood swings. We live lives that are seldom grey. Instead our days consist of sharp bright pangs of colour; garish yellow on some days and deep-dark-death-black on a bad day. But every color brings a purpose. In that purpose is our joy.

Our joys? They can be roused by the tiny gain along the way to epic glory. Our failures offer bricks to build new skylines.

Most people wait patiently until we resurface from our thoughts. Excuse us because we worship, devote ourselves to the ping of an email. A text message could induce a flow of meticulously crafted responses, this stuff takes time.

We never visit past paths since we’d rather blaze our own. Our lives are metaphors for heroes. The world in it’s current form is just a empasse to a bolder version. Every moment is steeped in the frustration of not having gotten….there….yet. So please everyone, let us carry on with that thing we have to do — because we.are.not.there.yet.

We are lonely fidgets.

Our validation is not a gold star. You know what validation looks like to us? Remember that moment at the end of that movie Pursuit of Happiness when Will Smith gets his dream career and walks out into sea of people, then clasps his hands in rapture?

That’s it.

It’s not about money. It’s about not quitting. All things are temporary until we get that moment — and we will never quit. Ever.

Kind words of encouragement mean a lot but honest criticism make us mighty.

We are prideful but only because our doubts can kill us. They come for us, those doubts. And our doubts aren’t like your doubts. Our doubts consume souls and it takes a goliath to keep them at bay. So humour us our pride, for it’s all we have to clatter-bash the naysayers and carry on.

Defying our parents was never a phase.

We have a delusional sense of the meaning attached to our actions. A soundtrack of epic proportions plays out in our wake and a swollen chorus rings every time we enter a room of people we promised to impress.

Regular people take breaks. Not us, not yet. But when we do, it will be glorious.

Don’t call us dreamers because we spend our time making stuff and that’s not nothing.

We want to be more than most. To get to work when others don’t.

Do not mistake our idealism for clouds and unicorns. We are astounding spirits wearing ordinary faces.

And we’re going to fix your economy so thank us later.