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Trainee ship Frequently Asked Questions

Trainee-ship is a new program recently launched by Technorio targeting to students and freshers. Basically Trainee-ship is a training program, followed by internship. Trainee-ship can be one of the best way to gain programming knowledge as well as practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.

Trainee-ship can be a good choice to start your career in the field of your interest. We understand the need of doing internship as a part of academic curriculum. We also understand that you need programming skills before getting internship and thus want to join a platform/company where both is offered. We thus launched this program where you can do both, training and internship at same time. There are a lot of benefits of doing Trainee-ship.
Our Trainee-ship program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable work experience before you graduate;
  • Develop new skills and refine others;
  • Apply knowledge gained from coursework to on-the-job situations;
  • Reality-test tentative career choices;
  • Meet and work with professionals, establishing contacts for letters of reference and networking;
  • Experience new work environments;
  • Gain experience of lifetime

Trainee-ship is a training program followed by internship. This program is divided into three parts:

  1. Training
  2. Training + Partial Internship
  3. Internship

As you join (and as the program kicks off), you’ll be provided with a full month of training. All trainings will be provided by skilled trainers who are also working in our companies as a developer as well as in other companies of Nepal.

As your first month is completed, you’ll be assigned groups and projects within our company. You’ll then be getting training and will also be working in office for next one month.

After your first 2 months are complete, we’ll be selecting good performing trainee and offering them internship within our company as well as refer to other partner companies. The selected trainee will be working as an intern for at-least three months. After the three-months of internship is completed, we’ll evaluate you and may-be offer a full time job.

Training hours are divided into different phases.

  1. Training : Day 1 to Day 30 – Full month of training for 1.5 hrs. a day, 6 days a week
  2. Training + work: Day 31 to Day 60, 1 hr. per day training followed by 3 hrs. a day of working in-office in different real-world projects we’re doing. You’ll be working 6 days a week.
  3. Internship: 90 working days of internship, 7hrs. a day, 6 days a week.

The training time are flexible and will be fixed as per the group requirements. The training and work hours mentioned are tentative only and can change depending upon different factors including the projects trainee is involved in.

This Trainee-ship program is generally divided in three parts:

1. Training : 1 Month
2. Training + Partial Internship : 1 Month
3. Internship : 3 Months

Yes, our Trainee-ship program is a paid program and you’ll be required to make payment. Please contact us for more details.

No, we do not have any nationality requirements. Any one can apply for Trainee-ship. However, if you are not a Nepali Citizen, you may require to furnish enough documents that permits you to work in Nepal (as stated by the Government of Nepal) because Trainee-ship is also followed by internship.

Yes, you must be a High School (+2) graduates to apply for Trainee-ship.

Our Trainee-ship program is designed to freshers who wants to learn programming and also make it the career. Thus, anyone can join the Trainee-ship program. However, we do require you to have some background.
1. You should have basic concept of programming, especially the Object Oriented Programming.
2. You should have strong will to learn new things and get ready to work under pressure.

For being a part of Trainee-ship program, we require that you have a strong passion, are self motivated, self-learning and expressive. Because Trainee-ship will have internship, we are also looking for those who are fast learner, can bear and work under pressure, and work over-night (yes we mean it. You may be asked to work and complete them overnight but believe us, it’s fun) and co-operative team player.

Our Trainee-ship in PHP will cover the followings:

  1. Basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel etc.
  2. Working with Laravel (along with a real-world project)
  3. Server Configuration (cPanel, Linux etc.)
  4. Using Version Controlling like Git/Github
  5. Implementation of Software Development Methodology (Agile Software Development Methodology)
  6. Working with APIs, including API for SMS, Integrating Payment Gateway, etc.

If you want to see the detail course, we would request that you visit our office at Shankhamool Tower, New Baneshwor.

Depending upon your performance, your three months of internship may be paid. However, this stipend will depend upon your performance and we cannot guarantee it.

Yes, you’ll be receiving certificate based on the enrollment type.

  • If you’re enrolled in first phase (Training only), you’ll not be receiving any certificate.
  • If you’re enrolled and complete first and second phase (Training + Partial Internship), you’ll be receiving training certificate.
  • If you’re enrolled and have completed all phases (Training, Partial Internship and Internship), you’ll be receiving both the training certificate and internship certificate. For internship certificate, your entire terms will be as per our internship terms and your certificate and experience letter of internship will be issued as per the same.

We also understand the need of students (especially the students of BSc. CSIT, BIM, BIT, BCA etc.), we’ll be providing you with academic credits. We request that you contact us and explain your needs before starting your Trainee-ship to our representatives for this.

We want to make sure we issue experience letters only to those qualified trainees, interns and developers who have actually worked and gained good experience working in industry. We don’t just issue a butter coated letter to you because we know it carries no value in the industry.

At Technorio, we’ve been running internship programs to students as well and understand the need of yours, especially of the students of BSc. CSIT, BIM, BIT, BCA, BCIS etc.. To meet your curriculum need as well as to make sure you get trained and do internship to gain the industry working experience, we have the different scheduled prepared. However, for this your college will need to furnish the certificate stating you’re to do internship. While the training course for everyone will be same, your time table will be changed so that you meet our requirements.

Please visit us or call us to discuss further on this. Alternatively, you may chat with us via our Facebook page or using the Live Chat option available in our website and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Currently, we’re offering Trainee-ship for PHP (Laravel) platform. We’ll be introducing Trainee-ship for other programming languages too, very soon. Do stay tuned with us.

To apply for the Trainee-ship program:

  1. Login to http://technorio.com/traineeship and fill the form.
  2. Submit the documents from your college if applicable.
  3. Once confirmed from our end, make the payment.
  4. Wait for our confirmation regarding class start date and time.
  5. Join our Trainee-ship program after receiving all confirmation.

Should you have any changes required, please contact us or visit our office during office hours.

Each Trainee-ship group will have a maximum of 10 trainees. At current, we can thus offer training to up-to 20 students only.

Upon receiving your form, we will reply to you in 2 working days with further details. You can also visit our office at Shankhamool Tower to know more about the same.

We understand that all your queries may not have been addressed here. If you have any other question, please write to us at connect@technorio.com or speak to us by calling at 01.478.6103. Alternatively, you can talk to our Trainee-ship coordinator directly by calling at +977.980.111.5059

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people who tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs

Application for Trainee-ship is now open! All applications are processed in rolling basis. So apply before the seats are filled.

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