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How Good is it

  • To wake up everyday and realize that you’re going to make a difference.
  • To know that you’ll be surrounded by emerging talents all the afternoon.
  • To know that today you’ll do what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.
  • To learn how to learn something.
  • To be better than you were yesterday.
  • To learn and do new things everyday.
  • To work in place where you can also learn deep and wide.
  • Where you are very close to innovation.

Join our Trainee-ship program where you’ll not just get theoretical knowledge on programming, but will also be working in our real world projects and learn beyond programming.

We designed Trainee-ship program understanding the needs of students to do Internship while also getting training. We’ve carefully crafted the Trainee-ship program so you learn exactly what an industry needs because before you go to market, you’ll be working with us at least for three months in our real-world projects.

In this Trainee-ship program at Technorio, we don’t just take hours of programming classes and certify that you’ve completed training on specific topics. We add you to our team of developers working in different projects so you get the opportunity to work while also getting trained, making Trainee-ship as an investment on yourself and never an expense. Our motto always remained the same and here we’re to Deliver Values!

Go through Frequently Asked Questions before applying for Trainee-ship.

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Trainee-ship Opportunities

Web and Application Development

We currently are offering Trainee-ship opportunity in Web and Application Development – PHP (Laravel). Our developers and trainers will be providing you training on PHP (Laravel). Also you’ll be doing internship with us making Trainee-ship a package you would want to join in. You’ll not just learn PHP, but will also be working in a real world projects enhancing your skills.

During Trainee-ship, training will contain topics including:

  1. Basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel etc.
  2. Working with Laravel (along with a real-world project)
  3. Server Configuration (cPanel, Linux etc.)
  4. Using Version Controlling like Git/Github
  5. Implementation of Software Development Methodology (Agile Software Development Methodology)
  6. Working with APIs, including API for SMS, Integrating Payment Gateway, etc.

If you want to see the detail course, we would request that you visit our office at Shankhamool Tower, New Baneshwor.

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