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How Good is it

  • To wake up everyday and realize that you’re going to make a difference.
  • To know that you’ll be surrounded by emerging talents all the afternoon.
  • To know that you are headed by a LEADER and not a BOSS.
  • To know that veterans are mentors and not enemies
  • To know that you’re a contributing member and not clerk at work
  • If you find inspiration in abundance.
  • You are trusted and considered responsible.
  • To design your own work environment and work the way you wish to.
  • To work in place where you can also learn deep and wide
  • Where you are very close to innovation

“Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career.” Apply for Internship and develop your career. Lots of exciting opportunities are waiting for you.

Go through Frequently Asked Questions before applying.

Want to take Technorio Internship Challenge?

Here in the challenge, we have some logical problems in code to test your scripting skills and critical thinking abilities so that you can stay sharp. Please click here to know more and take the challenge.

Internship Opportunities

Web Designer

Must have basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS with experience working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or other visual development tools. Knowledge about Bootstrap CSS, JavaScript and Angular JS would be of added benefit.

Web and Application Developer

For front-end as well as back-end development
Must have knowledge of HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming and Database modeling concepts. Knowledge about PHP Frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel would be a strong point to be considered.

Web and Application developer will also be involved with development of different web based application (and not only limited to developing websites).

WordPress Developer

WordPress developer with Knowledge of HTML/CSS. Also one must know to customize the Templates, use various plugins and have creative approach of website development. Knowledge on Themes and Plugins development (basic) would be of added benefit.

Social Media Manager / Analyst

Who doesn’t use social media? And what if using social media (like Facebook and Instagram) is your job? As a social media manager / analyst – intern, your major roles would be to do content research and preparing plans and strategies for effective social media outreach. You’ll also work with data and results of posts engagement (and different other metrics) as provided by the social media platform and do result analysis (plus prepare analysis reports).

While it seems anyone can do this task, we want the applicants have the knowledge of and manages Facebook Pages (including business accounts), Twitter Account, Instagram and other social media account properly.

Android Developer

Should have in-depth knowledge in native app development for Android devices with sound knowledge of Android SDK and API programming for web platforms.

(Please Note: We’ve a very limited seats for Android Developer)

Graphic Designer

Full Time / Part Time Graphic Designer with creative concept. Past experience would be of added benefit. However, Freshers can also apply and are encouraged to do so.

Management Intern

Management Intern will closely work with our management team to help and assist in various departments including but not limited to Sales and Marketing, Office Operation, Client and Customer Relation, After Sales Support, etc. They’ll also learn about managing team and preparing documents of various projects. We look for basic technical knowledge and a high interest towards IT in candidates applying as a Management Intern. Also, we see about various skills that you possess including, but not limited to the ability to handle things during/under pressure and your diplomacy.

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