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We provide a wide range of technology services from web and applications to various IT related tasks. We deliver full-cycle technical development services using the latest technology exactly as per your requirements and business objectives. We also offer our extensive application development and management services.

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  • We’ve the capability of turning Innovative Ideas into a business on client’s promise with a unique quality.
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Our Services

Software Development

Your everyday work becomes tedious if you are required to repeat the same thing over and over again. But there’s a way out! Software applications can bring a world of convenience to your work. Software applications can be designed to make your work easier by automating basic tasks as well as tasks as per your requirement that pertain to data entry, calculations, display/model, and many more fields. We can build software for your business firm or for your own use. Through customized software that meets your needs, you will be able to seamlessly carry out your tasks minus the redundancy while being heavily efficient on time. Take some rest; let the computer do the working!

Website Design and Development

Websites have evolved as a prerequisite for a company as well as an individual vouching to make a mark for them. At Technorio, we build full-fledged dynamic website tailored as per your requirements. We also provide fresh and bright website designs that will give an attractive look to your site. Be it for e-commerce, interactive business hub, or the information centre for your company, you can rely on Technorio to design and build a website that will bring you the exposure that you crave. Along with the building of websites, we also provide you the service of maintenance as per the company’s policies so that you don’t have any problem in your journey to success!

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application is the new name of expediency and comfort. Mobile apps can make way for innumerable possibilities with which you can easily meet your purpose. While software applications for desktops and laptops are faring for their efficiency at workplaces and homes, mobile applications enables you to work conveniently with taps and touches. Mobile apps also connect your company to your valued customers with remarkable ease. At Technorio, we make sure that we can bring you Mobile Applications that truly broadens the services of your firm while ensuring that it is done in the most approachable way there is. The Mobile Apps will also be uploaded and made available for trouble-free distribution at your discretion.

Graphic Designing

To make a stand in the market and gather attention of your prospective customers, we understand that an attractive logo and a neatly made banner can be of significant help. We make certain that the graphic design demands and needs that you put forward will be capably met by Technorio, as we understand that you are the architecture of your successful future. Each design respects the emphasis you give to nitty-gritty details. Our team strives on thinking out of the box to make notable approaches on graphic designing and presentation of your company. The quality of the graphic designs is sure to delight you and help you to make an impressive standing for your company.

Domain Registration

Domain registration refers to the process of registering a domain name, which identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember and use in URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) to identify particular Websites. For example, “www.facebook.com” is just a name, which we call the domain name, given as a substitute for a specified IP. It is necessary that your website has its domain name registered in order to make it useable. We make domain name registration process easy, just decide on the name of your choice for your website that speaks about you or your company and Technorio will register the domain for your website. It’s easy as one-two!

Web Hosting

Web Hosting pertains to making your website available through the Worldwide Web. Web hosting process can be understood as ‘taking a space on rent’ in the internet for your website. This process doesn’t have to be a struggle for you, as we at Technorio are here to make your work easy through our web hosting service that takes reliability and value for money very critically. Choosing Technorio for web hosting means greater uptime. However, we cannot guarantee that the uptime will always be 100%, but when our servers happen to go down for any cause, we will make sure that the downtime of the server will be as short as possible, as we believe that you deserve to be noticed anytime of the day, week or month! Contact us if you hope to see your website soar, just as we do!

Event Video Streaming

Have an event that you want people to see live? Then wait no more! We at Technorio are well-equipped with cameras and software for video streaming of events. Our team specializes on top-quality event surveillance service. With our team’s expertise and experience, we are capable in delivering reliable event streaming services. Upon your discretion, we will make the coverage of the event available for distribution online and to provide soft copies on your request. Let us take the responsibility of the event video streaming. You’ll be surprised how easy we will make it seem, all while considering affordability of the service. Just say the word!

Hardware Sales and Maintenance

Do you think your inventory is looking a bit short of the equipment that you need? Contact us if you require hardware that you are running short on. Technorio believes in providing products of unparalleled quality that goes easy on your pocket and is big on efficiency. Furthermore, we also specialize on hardware maintenance, so that you don’t have to go through the burden of buying a new hardware to replace the broken one. We provide hardware that is durable and efficient, but in case you happen to experience some problems, we are always available with our reliable and cost-friendly maintenance services.

Social Media Marketing

Proper marketing is a pre-requisite to good business. Nowadays, the social media can act as a very effective mean for marketing. We at Technorio shall make a study to choose a suitable social media platform that most of your prospective customers use for marketing of your business. This ensures that the reach of your company is maximized and that the audience will able to know your name the fastest way there is! Our goal in social media marketing remains that your marketing process is cost-efficient yet yields lots of benefits and profits, in turn providing your company with a good-looking Return of Interest (ROI) value. You can rely on our marketing prowess, we are sure to impress!

Corporate IT Services and Solutions

Recognizing the pace of development of the IT sector in Nepal, we at Technorio are happy to include IT Solutions as one of our services. Acknowledging the importance of knowledge of Information Technology and its aspects, we aim to focus on helping prospective learners to garner expertise. We vow to support dedication of the youth to make progress in the field of Information Technology as we believe that this shall contribute to the success of the individual, community and the nation as a whole. Technorio’s interest remains in development of the Information Technology sector as a whole, which is consistent with our efforts to help the youth to recognize their potential and the drive to make progress for a better tomorrow. We hope to see you soon!

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