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Marking 4th Year of Establishment

Marking 4th Year of Establishment

Marking 4th Year of Establishment!

“Do it with all heart or don’t do at all.”- With the help of this ideology we are proud to share that we have successfully completed our 4 years of service in the field of ICT sector. We would like to thank all our partners, clients and well-wishers for making this day possible. We are very grateful to have our entire teams who helped in the journey of making it to the fourth years of establishment. This day has always been making a mark in the ICT developmental sector of Nepal.

When we think from the past, we feel ‘today’ as our dream day, but we did make it till today. Indeed, dream can be lived not only dreamt of. Well, 4 years ago, our first day began with an unexpected nature’s call (Earthquake of 2072 B.S.). We had to accept what the nature did to us. But since the same day we promised to ourselves that our learning from the disaster will be to create an influential impact in our industry by doing what we had been learning in our recent days. It wasn’t an easy go at first. Our plans and missions were only a vivid imagination. Our team were all determined to work but lacked clarity. We were pushing ourselves hard, but we were not hitting the target. But, believe us those days were the best days of our journey. We learnt unstoppably, we grew immensely, and our path became clearer day by day. If we hadn’t struggled, then we wouldn’t have made it till today. This today wouldn’t have been that beautiful and bright. We were ‘Silent’ while we worked but we made the society ‘Listen’ to what we did.

Bring IT related problems to us and we will hand it back to you with the best solutions because we’re working with the motto – Delivering Values. We want and we can give you the best you can imagine. Today, we have already worked with many corporate and individuals and have … their IT needs and requirements, may it be developing a website or Digital Marketing or even a small ICT consultancy. We have been providing ICT services, web-solutions, application development, digital marketing and more to our valued clients and partners. We are focused on growing and expanding into familiar territory by serving each client’s goal.  We may be poor at public speaking but trust us we can design the best for the following events.

From the day we began our journey, we aimed for the best and worked to serve the reliable services to our clients. Today we are not an individual working here, we are an assiduous team working day and night to make people working with us, happy. On top of all, we not only provide solutions and services but we deliver values.

We believe that future is a cash-less and paper-less society and we’re preparing for the same from now! Last year, we came up with the idea of going cashless and this year we are successful in making our promise meet the reality. Our priority has always been with digitization and digitalization and our aim is to spread our vision all over the country. We have already started to collaborate with various companies supporting digital society and, in a team, we are trying to inject its impact with our surrounding clients. We are already working with various companies to make the best use of IT in their organization, whether that be by going cash-less or by going paper-less or any way possible. This year, with new vision and goals we are planning for something that will bring change in the IT sectors of Nepal. We do hope and believe that government will equally prioritize ICT sector as it has done to different other sectors because Nepal shouldn’t and can’t be apart from fourth industrial revolution.

We are just in our 4th year’s journey and we are still in a developing phase. We would like to take this opportunity to be grateful for our past days. We believe, in coming years, we will no matter what challenges arises, we will remain intact and our resilient will be resolute to reach out more, grow bigger and better with the help and support of all our allies, and partner, customers and clients. We are very thankful to all our team members, allies and partners, client and customers who have trusted in us since our establishment. Thank you for all your demands, challenges and feedback because they have pushed us to move ahead and extemporize enthusiastically. It is because of our partners, clients and customers including all our well-wishers that we stay motivated to experiment new ideas and carry on forward.

Today is our 4th Anniversary and we heartily wish for the continued support and further encouragement in these long years’ journey. We still have lot more to achieve and with your support we will get to every steps of our journey.

Thank you all!!

Technorio Inc. Team

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