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It’s our 2nd Anniversary!

It’s our 2nd Anniversary!

Celebrating 2nd Anniversary!

Baisakh 12, 2072 (25th April, 2015) ; who doesn’t remember this date? A gloomy Saturday! Holiday for many and a day to set new resolution for us. Bang! 7.8R earthquake hits Nepal killing thousands, injuring many and making homeless to hundreds and thousands.

This was the same date (11.00 AM, 12th Baisakh, 2072 to be precise) when we were working to start our new startup. But with the earthquake every plans and preparation we made were pushed back. While we did start our startup, our major focus lied in volunteering and aid providing than doing business. Soon, Nepal started to rise again and so did we. on 15th May, 2015 we re-launched! And here we are, Celebrating 2nd Anniversary.

We feel glad to have reached this far on our long journey. We feel very happy and thankful to everyone and express our deep gratitude for the significant support that you’ve provided us from the early phase of our development as a company.

The company has its roots set on the idea that we, as youths, all share – to envision change and to implement. Looking back to the day we thought of starting this company, we believe it was the best decision we took in taking the weight in our shoulders to make progress by ourselves. I feel glad and thankful to my team, who from the very first project, are working hard round the clock to deliver the services in the best way possible. I remember our team members waking up till 3AM in the morning to deliver the best product the same day [no, we’re not in-efficient; we deliver the best service in time and not the ‘जस्तो भए पनि चली हाल्छ नि ‘ (any type of work is fine if it works) type of work]

Since the beginning, we’ve been able to sketch good graph of development with various achievements that inspire us to advance. Following the main objective and our dream for Digital Nepal, we take pride in doing many IT related tasks throughout the year. We’ve delivered many websites and applications to many individuals and companies. We’ve partnered with many organizations to provide IT services in different programs they organized. We’ve also been providing ICT services and consultancy to few of the companies/organizations. Over time, we can smell good upshot of IT in different corporate and organizations too. With this, we can see how every sectors are slowly inclined towards use of IT and believe that with time, Digitalization in every field is possible.

Right from establishment, we also had a commitment that we’d provide an environment for students and freshers to work in real world environment. And we feel proud to say that YES we’re fulfilling our commitment.

We are immensely thankful to all our team members, allies and partners, client and customers who have trusted in us since our establishment. The demands, challenges and feedback provided by you all have pushed us to go ahead and improvise vigorously. It is because of our partners, clients and customers including all our well-wishers, that we can stay motivated to carry on forward. Not only do we accept them as an integral a part of our lives but we also credit them for helping us reach out to the world.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce our new program/initiation, digITal Nepal: let’s make IT possible. With this program, we aim to digitalize different sectors which are untouched (or partially touched) by ICT. We shall soon announce more details about this.

We understand we are in a phase of building future of our company. We are just 2 years and are still learning many aspects be it in sales, marketing or market. We would like to take this opportunity to express our apologies for any shortcomings that may have been evident from the side of us during this phase of growth. We believe that in coming years we will be confronted by greater number of ordeals of even greater magnitudes. And we promise and remain certain that our resilient team will be determined to reach to more, grow bigger and better with the help and support of all our allies and partners, and our treasured clients and customers.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to provide encouragement through our continuous striving in the years ahead.

Thank You once again.

Nidesh Maskey and all of us at Technorio

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