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It’s our 3rd Anniversary

It's our 3rd Anniversary

Celebrating 3rd Anniversary!

Baisakh 12, 2072 (15th April, 2015). We clearly remember this date for some reason or the other. Even I, Abdus, Shubhechhya (and Jenish) do. Right at 11.00 AM on this gloomy Saturday morning, we were at the 1st floor of Siddhi Bhawan, Jamal arranging chairs and tables as it was the very first day of our new startup – Technorio. Bang! Earthquake measuring 7.8R hits Nepal killing thousands, injuring many and making homeless to hundreds and thousands. All three of us jumped to roads of Jamal due to this massive earthquake. At this state, we had two things in mind; first, our newly started company and the second, the deadly situation of our surrounding (and entire areas affected by earthquake). Without any second thought, we decided to go into fields for rescue and aid/relief distribution purpose. I remember Abdus going to Sindhupalchowk on the second or third day of earthquake. One of our group (along with me) was in core Bhaktapur area for rescue, debris removal and aid/relief distribution. The other team including Shirish, at Kirtipur area and many other friends in different part of earthquake affected area of Nepal.

The day we started Technorio wasn’t much favorable to the business due to the situation earthquake brought. All our plans and preparation were pushed back. We did start our startup but our major focus lied in volunteering and aid distribution rather than doing any business. Our path had changed but our distribution and determination was intact. Though our beginning was literally shaky, soon Nepal started to rise again and so did we. Everyone has to face obstacles. Everybody has to face hurdles. It’s what you do with those that determines how successful you’re going to be. Clearing obstacles one by one, we came back even stronger.

On 15th May, 2015, we re-launched! And here we are, crossing 1095+ days and celebrating our 3rd Anniversary!

Our journey from day 1 to day 1097 (today) hasn’t been easy instead literally shaky but today, we’ve gradually managed to hold some position in the market. I still remember someone saying (backbiting infact) हेरौँ कती दिन चलाउँदो रहेछ (Lets see how many days you’ll run it). Well, not much but here we’re 3 years up and running and many more years to go!. On this occasion, we would like to sincerely thank to everyone who have supported and trusted us from the early phase of our development as a company. We feel delighted to have reached this far on our journey and we are grateful to have had all of you by our side as our supporters, fact motivators and well-wishers.

Right from establishment, we aimed to work hard in order to provide reliable services as well as best products to our clients and also provide an environment for students and freshers to work in real world environment. Today, we feel proud to say that YES we’re fulfilling our aims. We’re not just developing websites or software, we’re delivering values. We’re not just providing opportunities to youths and freshers who have new-fangled ideas, the thirst for learning and the passion to change the world through technology to come into ICT market, we’re creating resources. Above all, we’re building relation.

Keeping in mind our dream for a Digital Nepal, we are doing several IT related tasks throughout the year. We’ve delivered many websites and applications to many individuals and companies. We’ve partnered with many organizations to provide ICT services in different programs they organized. We’ve also been providing ICT services and consultancy to few of the companies/organizations. From the last month, we’ve also started partnering with different Academic Institutions to bridge the gap between the Industry and Colleges. Through all our services, we believe that we have been able to build strong and lifetime relationship with our clients. Our clients are our first priority, our biggest strength and our ultimate motivators because at Technorio, there is something more than money we care about, that is:  the customer’s satisfaction and the services we provide. For us, success is when a company says ”we would like to work with you again.”

Nepal has entered into federalism and we can see rays of sunshine and a lot of progress happening in ICT sector. We’re proud to be a brick in building ICT sector in our country. We do hope and believe government will equally prioritize ICT sector as it has done to different other sectors because Nepal shouldn’t and can’t be apart from fourth industrial revolution.

We are just 3 years and we believe that we are still in a learning phase. Accordingly, we would like to take this opportunity to express our apologies for any shortcomings from our side during this phase of our growth. We believe that in the coming years we will be confronted by greater number of challenges of even greater intensities. But we promise that no matter what, we will remain intact and our resilient team will be resolute to reach out more, grow bigger and better with the help and support of all our allies and partners, and our treasured clients and customers. We are very thankful to all our team members, allies and partners, client and customers who have trusted in us since our establishment. Thank you for all of your demands, challenges and feedbacks because they have pushed us to move ahead and extemporize enthusiastically. It is because of our partners, clients and customers including all our well-wishers, that we stay motivated to experiment new ideas and carry on forward.

Today, on our 3rd anniversary, we heartily wish for the continued support and further encouragement from your side throughout our continuous striving in the years ahead. 3 years are down for us but there are many more left and so much more to achieve!

Thank You once again

Nidesh Maskey, and every one of us at Technorio Inc.

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